• First Peek At Outpost Omni

    Jun 2, 2017

    Five months ago I started development on Outpost Omni, a 2D sci-fi survival and base-building game for PC, Mac, and Linux.

    Irvo is a humanoid robot sent to an uncharted exo-planet. His mission was to survey, research, and if viable, establish an outpost to represent Earth.

    Sadly, Irvo lost nearly everything when his pod malfunctioned during descent.

    Now, he and mission control are scrambling to salvage the mission. He must explore the planet, extract useful elements and materials, cultivate renewable resources, construct machines, interact with alien species, and eventually establish and run a successful outpost.

    The planet might be alien, but its building blocks are not. Every resource is built with real elements like Oxygen, Hydrogen, etc. Construction recipes mirror the real universe - for example zinc, manganese, and oxygen are the core ingredients used for an alkaline battery. Collect all 118!

    First Peek at Outpost Omni

    Here, Irvo worked hard to collect some Tomo and Magma Sage plants. He’s growing a few to sell to local Kai merchants. That revenue is critical because he needs to buy blueprints and resources.

    He’s got a combustion generator and a wooden windmill making a very basic amount of power - enough to function at least.

    His starter shield is very limited, even the mid-day temperature of the plains is a little much.

    Despite having such a basic setup, he did manage to make a fish tank (designed by my daughter) for company.

    The water looks pretty boring, and someday I’ll get around to working on it. That will make my daughter happy, because she always asks “have you done anything with the water yet”!?

    First Peek at Outpost Omni

    Above, Irvo cools off in a night-time drizzle as a few Spark Bugs pay him a visit.

    This passion project has been a long journey already, and I still have a long way to go, but I’m shooting for an early-access release in December 2017.

    What’s most important? You! There’s nothing more rewarding than developing a project with input from the community. I need players, people who not only help test, but people who want to see this succeed. People who will tell me what doesn’t work for them and what does, or what would.

    It’s not ready for a wider testing audience quite yet, but it will by Fall 2017. So why you don’t you stick around and come on this mission with Irvo and I (and my wife who designed Irvo, my son who’s designed plants and languages, and my daughter who’s done art and asks about the water)?

    Will I Like This Game?


    Especially if:

    1. You like survival games.
    2. You like casual farming/economy games.
    3. You like games focused science and technology.
    4. You want to give some guy working his tail off a shot.

    It’s got aspects of/inspiration from/likeness to Stardew Valley, Don’t Starve, Technic/FTB Minecraft, and Factorio.

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